Digital Display Panel 

Digital Display Panel 

With its dashboard, stylish headlight design that you can follow all the details, the GT5 is a model that you will love to meet and own. Also, it offers a comfortable driving experience with its effective design, double seat and luggage areas.

Dazzling Design

Dazzling Design

It attracts all attention with its modern design and makes you the center of attention in your travels.You will see at first glance that elegance has reached simplicity with the GT5 model.

High Quality and Superior Features

High Quality and Superior Features

Designed to be the leader in its class, GT5 not only offers superior performance, but is also a candidate to be the most luxurious and premium e-scooter on the market.


    • Motor


    • Battery

      48V 12Ah (Lithium)

    • Top Speed

      25 km/h

    • Battery Power

      110V / 220V 50-60 Hz

    • Range

      35-45 km.

    • Charging Time

      6-8 Hours

    • Front / Rear Tire


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